Preparation of a Study and Drafting of a Publication on the Potentials of Circular Material Flows in the German Federal State of Hesse

  • Project no.350473
  • Duration 04/2015 - 09/2015

The project includes the preparation of a study as well as the drafting of a brochure on circular material flows in the German Federal State of Hesse. Against the background of scarcer and more expensive raw materials, it is to be shown how Hessian companies can become resource-efficient, with regard to the consequent use of materials in order to be more competetive. On the basis of specific, representative examples, the study investigates selected innovative technologies and processes that can be used to close material cycles in the economy and to generate savings with regard to energy, resources and costs. The project is divided into four successive work packages: (1) analysis of the initial situation of the resource flows in Hesse, (2) the identification and assessment of technical and non-technical procedures and practices for closing material cycles, (3) the development of structured recommendations for the implementation of the identified potentials, as well as (4) preparation of the results in a brochure which mainly addresses companies in Hesse.

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