Green Economy Policy Assessments via Economic Modelling

  • Project no.151114
  • Duration 12/2016 - 12/2019

An important task of sustainability research is to analyse the macroeconomic effects of different interventions that enable the transition to a resource-efficient society. Various approaches and models exist, which allow the recording of macroeconomic effects. These include extended input-output analysis.

As part of the project GEPOLMOD (Green Economy POLicy MODelling), the socio-economic and environmental global effects are investigated that would result from the implementation of interventions aimed at reducing direct and indirect resource consumption in selected national economies in Europe and Switzerland. To this end, the researchers compile a scenario which bundles various existing interventions. Their effects are then estimated using the Wuppertal Institute's multi-regional input-output model (WI-SEEGIOM), which uses socio-economic and environmental data on the global economy. The Wuppertal Institute has helped to develop this data set, known as EXIOBASE, in the context of several projects funded by the European Commission.