Pledge for a Transformative Science

A Conceptual Framework

  • Publications 26.07.2016

"Transformative science" is a concept that delineates the new role of science for knowledge societies in the age of reflexive modernity. The paper develops the program of a transformative science, which goes beyond observing and analyzing societal transformations, but rather takes an active role in initiating and catalyzing change processes. The aim of transformative science is to achieve a deeper understanding of ongoing transformations and increased societal capacity for reflexivity with regard to these fundamental change processes. The concept of transformative science is grounded in an experimental paradigm, which has implications for (1) research, (2) education and learning, and (3) institutional structures and change in the science system. The article develops the theoretical foundations of the concept of transformative science and spells out the concrete implications in these three dimensions.


Uwe Schneidewind, Mandy Singer-Brodowski, Karoline Augenstein, Franziska Stelzer:

Pledge for a Transformative Science: A Conceptual Framework

Wuppertal Paper no. 191 (July 2016)

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