IEEJ 2.0

Innovation Park Renewable Energies Jüchen – Phase 2: Further Qualification and Initiation of Subprojects

  • Project no.152718
  • Duration 04/2023 - 03/2027

The project "Innovation Park Renewable Energies Jüchen (IEEJ 2.0)" aims at the future-oriented transformation of the Rhenish mining area into a new energy region. Based on the newly emerging landscape after the end of the active Garzweiler open pit mine, innovative measures are implemented that make a significant contribution to the structural change of the region. In the project area south of the highway 46 as well as east and west of the highway 44n, various forms of production, storage and further use of renewable energies are to be explored in an innovative energy system.

Five sub-projects are being further developed as part of the project. The planned "Energy Landscape Jüchen" aims to combine energy production through wind power and solar energy with the agricultural use of land and environmental protection. The second subproject, "Solar Highways," also serves to generate energy and at the same time provides noise and wind protection along the aforementioned highway sections. Two other subprojects can use the energy generated directly but also contribute to energy generation on a smaller scale: the "Jüchen-Süd Settlement Expansion" and the "Elsbachtal Intermunicipal Commercial and Industrial Area". The fifth sub-project, "Green Energy Hub", will create a filling station that will provide regeneratively produced hydrogen as well as electricity.

The Wuppertal Institute is working on the participatory design of the entire project and analysing the local economic structure with its specific networks. The development perspectives of the planned subprojects are to be worked out integratively with relevant groups of actors on site. The proactive involvement of partners and institutions from the entire Rhenish mining area will also contribute to the networking and visibility of the structural change project and is the task of the Wuppertal Institute.

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