E-Carflex Business

  • Project no.3155
  • Duration 10/2012 - 09/2015

A key obstacle to the diffusion of electric vehicles are the significantly higher acquisition costs as opposed to comparable vehicles with internal combustion engines. A compensation of these additional expenses due to lower operating costs for electric vehicles requires high annual mileage, which can best be achieved in applications in fleet operations. In this model project an operating and business model for electric vehicles of company fleets will be developed and tested, in which the electric vehicles of various company fleets are combined into a common pool including an appropriate charging infrastructure. The necessary demand is to be achieved through a combination of operational usage, private use by employees of the companies involved as well as hiring to external customers. In perspective, the integration of the model in a multi and inter-modal regional mobility offer is planned.

The aim of the accompanying research conducted by the Wuppertal Institute is, in addition to the support of the project partners, to gain transferable insights concerning the conditions under which a concept as e-Carflex Business can be implemented and operated economically and also concerning the changing acceptance of electric mobility to be noticed in the behaviour of the parties involved in the model project. For this purpose the Wuppertal Institute conducts various studies (potential analysis, evaluations, acceptance surveys) in which qualitative and quantitative methods of empirical social research are used. Components of the integrated approach in the final evaluation are, in addition to the empirical findings, model calculations for the profitability as well as an estimation of the CO2 effects of the model project.

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