Platform Climate Protection and Industry North-Rhine Westphalia

  • Project no. 11172 S
  • Duration 04/2014 - 04/2015

The Wuppertal Institute together with CleanTechNRW established a dialogue with energy-intensive industries in North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) on innovation strategies in the field of low carbon technologies. The dialogue involves stakeholders from the steel industry, chemical industry, aluminium industry, cement industry, glass industry and paper production. In addition to discussions with stakeholders from the industrial sector, it is envisaged to establish platforms for dialogue between companies and civil society (e.g. environmental NGOs), in order to build on the participation process implemented in the framework of the Climate Protection Plan NRW. The project intends to enhance the knowledge on low carbon technologies in energy-intensive industries. It aims to explore possible pathways and preconditions for the application of these technologies in the private sector in NRW as well as to strengthen the motivation of entrepreneurs for initiatives and investments in technologies with lower CO2 emissions. The overall aim is to develop sector-specific low carbon strategies and discuss cross-sectoral fields of action. The results shall provide the basis for a low carbon roadmap for the industry in North-Rhine Westphalia. The project carries forward the dialogue process already started in the working group "Manufacturing and Industry" in the context of the Climate Protection Plan NRW. The Climate Protection Plan was initiated in 2011 by the state government of North-Rhine Westphalia. Its main objective is the participatory development of strategies and instruments for the realisation of the federal climate protection goals.