The Wuppertal Institute is one of the leading institutes in the field of sustainability and thus internationally popular and established. Transdisciplinary and change-friendly research for a sustainable society, economy and policy all over the globe is the centre of the institute's work. The institute offers students various opportunities and programms to get course credits, write term papers or final theses or conduct further research. On top of that, there are also jobs or several internships at Wuppertal Institute that students can apply for.

Young people who want to conduct interesting and innovative research for the transition towards sustainability are welcome at the Wuppertal Institute. Here, the task or problem is analysed against the background of a multidisciplinary system knowledge, in order to develop a strategy or vision background knowledge is gathered, and by experimenting in real laboratories transformation knowledge is gained and can be checked and spread constantly. For this, the Wuppertal Institute uses a transdisciplinary research approach, which does not only integrate various economic domains but also the knowledge and experience of the agents.

In cooperation with universities, final theses (i.e. diploma theses and master theses) can be written and supervised at Wuppertal Institute. Additionally, doctoral studies can also be conducted at the institute. Students are welcome to make use of the Institute's library.

Several scientists of the Wuppertal Institute also lecture or teach at various universities in Germany or abroad. Students are welcome to participate in those seminars or lectures.

Students in the library
Students study together in the library at a university in the Netherlands. At the Wuppertal Institute, students have the opportunity to write theses, do a doctorate and pursue further research.
Final Theses

The Wuppertal Institute invites students with an interest in topics of transformation sciences to write their final theses supervised at the institute. A to the institute's research relevant topic and a university's professor who is willing to supervise the theses and to process the university examination procedure are required.

In cooperation with universities final theses (i.e. diploma theses and master theses) can be written and supervised at Wuppertal Institute. Thus the disciplinary foundation of transdisciplinary academic research is strengthened at the institute. The final theses are also supervised through respective faculty members and in addition examination procedure is executed at the cooperating universities. Theses are to be chosen and acquired from selective topics related to application-oriented sustainable research within the divisions or as cross-cutting projects, which are supervised by scientists of the institute.

The requirements are:

The topic needs to correspond to the research concept of the Wuppertal Institute and also to one of the divisions' foci. Additionally, the researchers' supervision capacity needs to be available at the institute.

If you are interested to write your final thesis in cooperation with Wuppertal Institute, please outline a brief summery of half a page of your idea and your CV. Based on your documents, it will be checked in how far your idea is compatible with the institute's current research work.

Your contact person

Lisa Erny

HR Officer

Tel.: +49 202 2492-277

Teaching and Seminars

Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick, Prof. Dr. Oscar Reutter and Prof. Dr. Philipp Schepelmann teach at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal.

Jobs & Internships

The Wuppertal Institute regularly advertises vacancies to help out in projects or the administration. Furthermore, we also offer the possibility for internships.

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