Ecological Comparison of Renewable Energy Technologies with Other Options for Climate Protection

  • Project no.2112
  • Duration 08/2004 - 07/2006

Various technologies for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) are discussed as options for the extended use of coal on the background of a more climate protection oriented energy system. The aim of the project is to evaluate the general feasibility (in ecological, economic and social terms) of CCS-technologies for sustainable future energy supply, and to assess appropriate reference systems and system configurations for the generation/production of electricity and hydrogen. These reference systems will be compared systematically with other climate protection options.

Leading questions of the analyses are:

  • What are the driving forces for CO2 capture and storage?
  • Which possible paths for CO2 capture and storage (technologies, infrastructures) are feasible and when will they be available for market introduction?
  • Which national and international storage potentials are available and which ecological restrictions have to be considered?
  • How can CCS be assessed in the context of life cycle analysis (LCA) compared to other options?
  • How do CCS technologies compare to other low or zero emissions options (based on criteria like costs, technological development, learning curves, ecological restrictions)?
  • Which contribution can CO2 capture and storage make for climate protection in comparison to other technological options - and in which time frame?
  • Could CCS be a bridge in the transition path to a solar energy system? Or are negative impacts dominant?