P2F Hot Spots

Power to Fuels at Renewable Energy Hot Spots to Support the German Energy Transtion

  • Project no.151136
  • Duration 03/2017 - 11/2017

The use of innovative approaches in the form of Power-to-X options in the context of Climate Change and the German energy transition not only offers very promising solutions for the (long term) storage of renewable electricity surpluses and the management of fluctuating renewable energies, but also makes climate friendly production of renewable fuels possible (as well as synthetic primary products for the chemical industry).

In the frame of an explorative study, the options and effects of international trade with renewable power based synthetic fuels are analysed against the background of supporting the German energy transition. The focus herein lies in the production and transport of renewable methanol, whose production and use potentials are identified for the case of Germany. Furthermore, the corresponding infrastructural requirements and potential obstacles for the implementation are discussed. Special attention is paid on global sweet spots for renewable energies with view to the production of renewable methanol. Finally, a more detailed analysis and discussion of production and implementation conditions for (potentially) exporting countries follows.

This project pursues a discourse-oriented approach by discussing the (interim) results intensely within specific workshops.

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