Baseline Study Smart Readiness Indicator - Interpretation of the SRI for the Determination of the Degree of Possible Building Intelligence of Residential Buildings

  • Project no.451327
  • Duration 09/2017 - 11/2017

The baseline study "Smart Readiness Indicator" aims to develop a "Smart Readiness Indicator" (SRI) for users (both potential and current owners and renters) to specify how intelligent a building is. The project builds on EU guidelines, which call to develop a scheme to assess a building’s "smart readiness". To do this, a SRI will be implemented, which displays how a building can be interacted with in terms of service, management and monitoring, interaction with tenants, grid connectivity, as well as how interoperable building automation and building services are.

Main project steps are:

  • a general and pragmatic compilation of criteria,
  • developing a grading schema,
  • discussing the market relevance of the SRI and its influence on developing new business areas,
  • outlining the potential implementation of the SRI.

The Wuppertal Institute supported this project by commenting preliminary results and outlining potential business areas that the SRI and its grading schema could bring about.

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