International Climate Policy

Despite the adoption of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol, the international community has struggled to find an adequate answer to the challenge of global climate change for a long time.

At the annual UN climate conferences (Conference of the Parties - COP) governments negotiate intensively to find a solution to the problem that is suitable and acceptable to all. In 2015, a new and throrough climate agreement including contributions by every nation was passed, breaking down historic barriers hindering ambitioned climate protection: the Paris Agreement.


The Wuppertal Institute is constantly observing the negotiations and regularly presents its current research on the future of the climate regime at COP side events. Analyses of the negotiations are available on this website, among those a detailed analysis of the Paris Agreement: Phoenix from the Ashes. Furthermore, you will find a compilation of publications by the Wuppertal Institute on current issues in climate policy here, analyses of previous climate conferences and links to further information available on the internet. 


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Publi- cations

Here you find publications on international climate policy.

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Here you find research activities in the field of international climate policy.

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