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After decades of negotiations, the Paris Climate Agreement finally created an internationally agreed framework for the fight against climate change with contributions by all countries. From 6 to 17 November 2017, the international community will gather at the COP23 in Bonn to further advance the implementation of the Agreement.

At the annual UN climate conferences (Conference of the Parties – COP), governments negotiate intensively to find a solutionto the problem - one that is suitable and acceptable to all. With its concept of "one conference – two zones", this year's COP23 in Bonn symbolises that climate protection is not only a matter for states. Non-state actors will have a special role in Bonn to support the negotiations in developing effective measures.

At the World Climate Conference in Paris in 2015, all countries adopted a new comprehensive agreement that breaks down some historic barriers to ambitious climate policy. However, the rules on how to implement the Agreement must still be completed and adopted in 2018. The conference in Bonn is intended to lay the foundations for this.

The Wuppertal Institute has been observing the UN climate process from the beginning and will publish an assessment of the Bonn conference soon after its close. This time, special attention will be paid to the behaviour of the US delegation. Since the announcement of US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, observers have been worried that the US will try to undermine the whole negotiations. It will therefore be especially important that the other countries send joint and clear messages that they are determined to carry on implementing the objectives adoptedin Paris.


The Wuppertal Institute will present its research in numerous side events and discuss effective ways for implementing the Paris Agreement. In 2017, events will include the conference "Deep Decarbonisation of Materials Processing Industries" and the "NRW Climate Lounge", a series of events which the Wuppertal Institute is organising together with the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the EnergyAgency.NRW in Bonn. In addition, there will be numerous side events on more detailed topics where Wuppertal Institute staff will provide inputs at this year's COP.


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Contributions by the Wuppertal Institute to the International Climate Process

The Wuppertal Institute constantly provides research to support policy-makers and other stakeholders in their efforts. Recent key contributions include the report "Phoenix from the Ashes" provides an overview of the negotiations on the Paris climate agreement and assesses both the achievements and the deficits. It also provides an outlook on the next steps needed to implement the Paris Agreement's objectives in order to put the world firmly on a non-fossil development path. Accordingly, the report "Setting Sails for Troubled Waters" analyses the results of the Climate Change Conference 2016 in Marrakech.

Recently, the Wuppertal Institute published the in brief "Trumping Trump". The publication discusses the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and what this step means for global climate protection. The in brief also examines how the countries that are interested in climate protection can best come together to successfully advance the Paris Agreement and global climate policy.

Further publications of the Wuppertal Institute on current climate policy issues and analyses of previous climate negotiations can be found below under "Publications" and "Projects".

The increase in weather extremes and the associated damage show us very clearly that it is high time to implement the objectives of the Paris Agreement. The necessary technologies are at our disposal and are more cost-effective than ever, as the example of the solar cells demonstrates.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick

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