Here you find all of our press releases.

Appeal for a European Energy Transition

Wuppertal Spezial about energy transition in Europe published

Real-world Labs Enhance Visibility

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Wuppertal Institute, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, and Ecornet establish "Network of Real-World Labs for Sustainability"

Towards Sustainable, Climate Neutral Industry

Wuppertal Institute takes leading role in scientific competence centre SCI4climate.NRW


Wuppertal Institute in the Top Ten in International Think Tank Comparison

2018 global think tank rankings published

The Energy Endeavour Foundation and the project team

Solar Decathlon: International Competition Comes to Wuppertal

Student competition for innovative buildings to be held in Germany for the first time

Fine Print of Paris Agreement Adopted, Implementation Pending

COP24 outcomes and analysis report

KIT future space

Real-World Laboratory Wins "Transformative Science" Research Prize

Award goes to transformative project "District Future – Urban Lab"


COP24 Must Pave the Way from Establishing the Rules to their Implementation

The Wuppertal Institute's expectations for the UN Climate Change Conference


Dispute over Growth

Economists present new consensus proposal

construction waste

German Chancellor Fellow to Research Recycling

Wuppertal Institute will be a host in the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's sponsorship programme for the international leaders of tomorrow

Dr. Henning Wilts, Head of Division Circular Economy

Former Research Unit to Become New Wuppertal Institute Division

Dr. Henning Wilts appointed Director of the Circular Economy Division

Wuppertal Institute's Response to "Hothouse Earth"

New book promotes "future literacy" as a way of navigating the imminent change processes

Multiple Impacts of Energy Efficiency

Horizon-2020 project COMBI presents results

Planning and Testing Approaches to Transformative Education

Partners in the education project "New qualification offers for 'change agents'" gather in Wuppertal


Wuppertal Institute in the Top Ten in International Think Tank Comparison

2017 global think tank rankings published


Diplomatic Obligations Fulfilled, but Political Leadership Lacking

COP23 outcomes and analysis report

international flags

Wuppertal Institute at the UN Climate Change Conference

Side events at COP23 give impetus to key future topics

Dr. Laura Woltersdorf Receives "Transformative Science" Research Prize

Sustainable water use concept impresses the jury

The Circular Economy - Resource-Efficient and Digital

Recently published "in brief": Can the digital transformation pave the way for resource-efficient materials cycles?


International Climate Policy: Trumping Trump

How global climate protection can proceed after the US withdrawal


Without the USA, the Rest of the World Must Cooperate More Closely than Ever

First appraisal from the Wuppertal Institute on the US exit from the Paris Agreement


The Great Mindshift

Maja Göpel's new book delivers a new building block for a comprehensive transformation theory

No Need to Fear Transformation

The Wuppertal Institute’s anniversary celebrations

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy Strategy for Iran

New open access book provides analyses and impulses needed to rethink Iran's energy strategy


A New Chapter in International Climate Cooperation

The Wuppertal Institute's position paper for the Paris Agreement


myEcoCost - a Revolution for Environmental Accounting

A global software system for accounting product-related environmental data is developed


Pathways to Deep Decarbonization in Germany

Study shows how Germany can decarbonize its energy system and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80% until 2050


Two Activists in the Field of Energy Efficiency Awarded Swedish Sustainability Award

Peter Hennicke and Beate Weber-Schuerholz have been awarded "The Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development 2015"


Learning Cities: "Urban Studios" in Chinese Partner Cities

Project Supports Student Ideas for Sustainable Urban Development in China and Germany


Wuppertal Institute Recommends Paradigm Shift for International Climate Policy

Contribution to the European Commission's stakeholder consultation on the 2015 International Climate Change Agreement