Bettina Bahn-Walkowiak

Project Co-ordinator

Circular Economy
Bettina Bahn-Walkowiak
+49 202 2492-276
+49 202 2492-108

Education and Academic Training

  • Graduate Social Scientist (University of Wuppertal)

Professional Experience

  • Project Co-ordinator at Wuppertal Institute, since 2018
  • Research Fellow at Wuppertal Institute, since 2003
  • Scholar of the Social Academy Dortmund (Social Issues, Human Resources and Business Administration)
  • Industrial Management Assistant

Research Focus

  • Cross-country analysis and evaluation of policies, programs, strategies, governance structures, target schemes and institutional infrastructures in the policy field of resource efficiency and circular economy
  • Analysis and development of options for increasing resource efficiency and develop the circular economy through economic instruments and other policy measures at the macro and meso level
  • Policy analysis and evaluation of national and international resource policy, circular economy and eco innovation policy, as well as impact assessments