Team &Personnel Structure

The Wuppertal Institute's staff numbers about 226. Most of them are research staff and come from a wide variety of scientific disciplines.

The spectrum includes natural and environmental sciences, geography, systems sciences, engineering, planning, law, economics, political and social science. The institute employs roughly equal numbers of women and men.

The management of the Wuppertal Institute consists of three members: The President, the Vice President and the Business Manager. Research work at the institute is basically performed in the Divisions Future Energy and Industry Systems, Energy, Transport and Climate Policy, Sustainable Production and Consumption and the Circular Economy. The Divisions are divided into eleven Research Units. As a branch the Berlin Office supports the Wuppertal Institute's work in policy consulting and acquisition in the capital.

All its researchers are supported by the administration, the scientific services as well as research and student assistants. The public relations department communicates the research findings to the public and external parties.

The Wuppertal Institute cooperates with universities in guiding numerous PhD, diploma and master's candidates in their work. The research activities are supported by a global network of cooperation partners and individual scientists.

A works council represents the interests of the staff.